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    PennApps is a 48-hour hackathon. This is the site for PennApps Fall 2011.


    Upcoming: PennApps Spring 2012

    Pssst. PennApps Spring 2012 is just around the the corner. More details coming soon, but the dates are January 13-15. Mark your calendars and sign up for updates here.


    Congratulations to Social+ on winning the Student Choice Award

    With over 650 votes cast, Social+ has won the $1,000 Student Choice Award.

    Congratulations also to BeerSnob for a strong second place showing.

    Thanks to First Round Capital for sponsoring the award and to the Undergraduate Assembly for helping spread the word.  Make sure to check out the full list of participants for PennApps 2011 here.


    Student Choice Award

    Voting for the student choice award is open! You can see videos, descriptions, and websites for the 40 teams who presented, at Any college student is eligible to vote, and you can vote for as many teams as you choose.

    PennApps teams - if you have not yet sent us a 140 character description (and a website, if you have one), you should do so now by emailing Pulak.

    Voting closes on Friday, at 6 PM! 


    Congratulations to the winners!

    Thanks to everyone for participating! We were incredibly impressed by the quality of the hacks presented during demos this afternoon. We will have videos and descriptions of teams posted online ASAP so we can begin the student choice award voting.

    While you wait, here is a list of all winners from today:

    Grand Prize ($2500, sponsored by Venmo + all-expense paid trip to present your project to engineers at Google NYC): µWave - Kevin Conley, Varun Sampath, Benjamin Shyong, Teddy Zhang, 
    Second Place ($1500): Class Grapher - Alex Rattray, Greg Terrono
    Third Place ($1000): PennMeet- Nathan Fraenkel, Jason Lucibello,  Boris Treskunov, Dan Zhang

    Most Creative (iPad, sponsored by Color): SlamWhale - Andrew Jaeger, Dan Mundy, Devon Peticolas, Bilal Quadri
    Most Creative, Honorable Mention ($250): Commit Logs from Last Night - Abe Stanway

    Most Amusing app ($1000, sponsored by Comcast): KaraokeJS - Bezhou Feng, Thomas Ly, Eric O'Brien, David Wang
    Top Windows Phone 7 App (Windows Phone + $250 Visa Gift Card, sponsored by Microsoft): Social+ - Jinyan Cao, Dan Trujillo, Stefan Zhelyazkov
    "Doing Backend Yourself Sucks" award - top CloudMine apps (Free year of CloudMine): PennMeet; Dine 'N' Dash - Dalton Banks, Natalie Gravier, Nicholas McGill, Michael Rivera
    Best Business Potential ($300, sponsored by the Interactive Media Group): Konexion - Lauren Frazier, Zachary Wasserman
    Audience Choice Award, First Place ($1000, sponsored by Twilio): Beer Snob - Kyle Hardgrave, Jennie Shapira, Dave Sharples, Kevin Shen
    Audience Choice Award, Second Place (Google TV, sponsored by Google): SmileTube - Eric Berdinis, Cris Feo, Jeff Kiske, Benjamin Perez
    Audience Choice Award, Third Place (Google TV, sponsored by Google): PennMeet

    Dude, They Totally Should Have Won a Prize (iPad, sponsored by Color): Moody - Sam Appelbaum, Ryan Gormley, Eliot Kaplan, Gary Menezes


    Presentation Order

    Here is the presentation order (chosen randomly). Presentations will start at 2 in Heilmeier Hall (Towne 100).

    If your team is not here, let us know. If you need to go at a particular time, let us know. (Email us,

    2. Bored?
    3. GetMeHome
    4. Tick Talk
    5. PennMeet
    6. CrowdSource
    7. SlamWhale
    8. ClassGrapher
    9. Guilt by Association
    10. TheWikiFund
    11. μWave
    12. contxt
    13. Penn Schedule Scrambler
    14. MacroNow
    15. PicHacks
    16. Clickr
    17. Moody
    18. Beer Snob
    19. Let's Settle This
    20. BuckIt
    21. mesht
    22. Commit Logs from Last Night
    23. text20
    24. Social+
    25. SmileTube
    26. RateMySchedule
    27. TrendTV
    28. Let's Play!
    29. Super Tumblr Search
    30. Mobile Casino
    31. Prince of Thieves
    32. KaraokeJS
    33. Twalker
    34. Magic Dateball (did not present)
    36. PennCoursePredictor
    37. Konexin
    38. Dine 'n' Dash
    39. Penn Course Planner
    40. Let's Do Stuff
    41. Social Ranking