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    Megabus & Transportation

    We're proud to announce Megabus as the Official Transportation Sponsor of PennApps 2011!

    Megabus is generously covering transportation costs along any of their routes for the first 30 out of town students to sign up for PennApps tickets. So how does the process work exactly?

    1. First register for a ticket here.
    2. We will contact you to confirm your registration and that you qualify for a free ticket. We will give you a unique code and a phone number to use when you contact Megabus.
    3. Go to the Megabus site and find the route and time that works best for you for a round trip to Philadelphia and back. 
    4. Then to place your order, call the Megabus number that we gave you and tell them your unique code and what route you want to take. 
    5. Megabus emails you the bus ticket, which you can print out and use for your trip. 
    6. You come to PennApps—and best of all, it's completely free!
    7. Now tell your friends about PennApps! Its always better to travel with a friend! Rep your school!

    If you can get to Philadelphia using Megabus, we got you covered. Some Megabus locations that come to Philly include Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Harrisburg, New York City, Pittsburgh, Richmond, State College, and Washington DC.

    If you are traveling from a location not serviced by Megabus, you may still qualify for a free ticket if you are traveling through a Megabus location. For example, if you are coming from Lowell, Massachussets, and traveling through Boston, we may be able to cover the second leg of your trip. Similarly, if your trip combines two Megabus routes, is along a Megabus route not covered by the options above, or if you have another special situation, contact us and we'll see if we can work something out.

    Regardless of where you're traveling from, remember that there is a post in our FAQ dedicated to helping you figure out the best way for you to get to Penn-- and with the help of Megabus, your trip might even be free!

    See you soon!