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    PennApps is a 48-hour hackathon. This is the site for PennApps Fall 2011.


    Rob's Five Protips On How To CRUSH Your Hackathon Demo

    Demoing your hack is the second critical part of participating in any hackathon.  Crushing your demo can make a good hack great and bombing your demo can make a great hack bad.  Rob's presentation this afternoon on "How To Crush Your Hackathon Demo" are available on his Github.  

    Here's a summary:

    1. Rehearse, rehearse, REHEARSE! - You only have two minutes.  Make sure your timing is right.
    2. Capture your audience in 30 seconds - if you don't get 'em early, you don't get 'em at all.
    3.  Abandon PowerPoint - Deckware is for financial consultants and insurance salesmen.  Don't be that guy (or gal).
    4. Show, don't tell - Let your hack wow the crowd, not your initimate familiarity with 4chan memes.
    5. Fail gracefully - you wrote this software in 48 hours.  There are bugs.  Be ready to deal with them.

    Demos are the meant to be the most fun part of any hackathon.  If you're having fun, the crowd will be able to tell.


    The Final Countdown!

    Update: You will only have 2 minutes to demo (otherwise we'd be here until tomorrow...)
    1. Save & CloseCode freeze at 12pm! YOU MUST STOP CODING THEN!  
    2. If you haven't already, please register here for a slot in the demo session. 
      1. All teams need to register by 11:30am in order to present!
    3. Rob Spectre will be giving a talk at 12:00pm on how to give a good Hackathon Demo.
    4. Right afterwards, judges will be coming around to talk to you guys.
    5. ~1:00pm-ish, lunch will be served (we'll let you know when your food is here!)

    Good Luck Guys!


    Giving & Getting Help!

    No one said that hackathons were easy, but let's see if we can help.

    Help Thy Fellow Hacker
    There are many other hackers here that are trying out platforms that you may already know.
    Can you help a fellow hacker out?

    Put your name and skills down here. (This will be just used by us internally to contact you.)

    Get Help
    Have a question about a platform, API, anything?

    Come to the front desk and we'll set you up—and remember, all the api-demoers are around and are generally pretty impressive hackers in their own right. 



    A prize worth hacking for

    Here is the post I'm sure many of you have been waiting for: prizes!

    We will have 3 "main" prizes, that all teams meeting our eligibility guidelines ( can win:

    1. Grand Prize ($2500 + all-expense paid trip to present your project to engineers at Google NYC)
    2. Second Place ($1500)
    3. Third Place ($1000)

    And our other sweet awards:

    • Audience Choice Award, sponsored by Twilio: $1000
    • "Combining more than one seemingly disparate data sets that makes life easier in the most entertaining way”, sponsored by Comcast: $1000
    • Student Choice Award, sponsored by First Round Capital: $1000
    • Telemetry Hack, sponsored by Mozilla (more details here): $1000
    • Top local team: Free tickets to Philly Startup Weekend
    • Top Windows Phone 7 Apps: Windows Phone (top app), $250 Visa Gift Card (second app) 
    • Best Business Potential, sponsored by the Interactive Media Group: $300
    • All teams using Mashery APIs: USB Drive Bottle Openers (talk to Amit)

    And a to-be-announced prize of two iPads, sponsored by Color!


    API & Dataset Resources

    EDIT: Amazon is giving every person $50 AWS accounts (you'll need to register with your credit card now but they'll give you a code that deducts up to $50. Sign up here!)
    1. If your team hasn't registered via either of the forms, you should do so here
    2. Also, expect information about mentors/helpers in a blog post soon!
    3. Please also keep open for any updates that we post.
    4. A list of prizes/custom prizes is to follow as well!

    Here are links to APIs presented today and other resources. This may be updated in the next couple of hours, so if you're interested in more resources, check back around this post later.

    CloudMine -- sign-up code is "cloudmine<3pennapps"
    Open Data Philly
    Penn Course Review
    Venmo, more details

    Other resources and APIs:
    Many other data sets 

    If you have any questions at any point, just come up to the front desk and ask!
    Good luck and happy hacking!