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    The Dining Philosophers are very grateful to those who featured us in the press. Thanks again for helping make PennApps such a success.


    "The PennApps Data hackathon - a 48-hour hackathon where university students came together to build awesome things, was one such display of student spirit and enthusiasm. These guys gave it all. They really wanted to build something awesome and didn't shy away from doing as much as they physically could in the time available. But most importantly they enjoyed every minute of it. And that's the real spirit of a hackathon."

    Technically Philly

    "The Dining Philosophers, a student computer science group at the University of Pennsylvania in its third year of existence, has become known for its hackathons."

    "The field of participants has become larger with each successive event, welcoming some 180 students this weekend, but the purpose of them has remained the same: to give students an opportunity to learn and build on their skills."


    Under the Button

    "48 hours. 41 teams. 1 Hackathon.

    How did you spend your weekend?  Some tech-savvy Penngineers spent the entire weekend coding their little hearts out, all in the name of PennApps, Penn’s official hackathon."



    "Tucked away from this fanciful hubbub in the hallway of a building in the school of engineering, 200 students from every major computer science program across the Eastern Seaboard were heads down into their laptop screens."

    "PennApps featured the kind of expert execution and enthusiasm that we who do this for a living only pray to attain"

    "In a world where large companies throw big dollars to get the eyeballs of 18-24 year olds, this loose-knit set of students donating their already sparse spare time showed us all a thing or two about how authenticity wins with young people."

    The Daily Pennsylvanian

    "A microwave that plays YouTube videos, phone apps that tell you where to go for dinner and a website that turns tweets into poetry — these were just some of the many creations to emerge from Towne Building this weekend during PennApps, Penn’s bi-annual hackathaon."

    " “There are portable hammocks to crash on if you’re a wuss,” said PennApps organizer Alexey Komissarouk — an Engineering senior and Daily Pennsylvanian columnist — on Sunday afternoon as the hackathon was nearing an end. “But most haven’t slept at all. I mean look at them. They look disheveled, even for computer engineers."


    "Even though hackathons a have become quite a fad, the organizers know exactly how to run a successful event."

    ""We hacked Friday night through Sunday afternoon. [...] There was spontaneous applause. [...] Overall the weekend was awesome.""


    Penn SEAS News

    "What could be produced in a room filled with nearly 200 students dedicated to remaining there for 48 hours? This semester's PennApps event provided one answer. "

    "Results were hacks for everything from to advising aspiring beer snobs to helping students pick their next semester's courses."

    "The Grand Prize, including $2500 and a trip to meet with Google NYC, was awarded to  µWave, a microwave that will play a YouTube video while the user waits for food to be heated, the hack being that the video will be highly rated and of the same duration as the time programmed into the microwave. The gadget will also text and tweet a user to tell them their food is done. Members of the winning team included Penngineers Kevin Conley, Teddy Zhang and Benjamin Shyong, all undergraduates in Electrical Engineering, and Varun Sampath, an undergraduate in Computer Engineering. “As an engineer, I want a career where I can build stuff that other people think is cool and maybe want to use — and that’s exactly what PennApps embodies,” Conley told the Daily Pennsylvanian."


     Technically Philly (on the Grand Winner)

    "Team of four Penn seniors took home the grand prize of $2,500 and a chance to present their handiwork to Google engineers at the company’s New York branch."

    ""[The microwave is] a common piece of electronics that’s really outdated, kind of like TI calculators, so why not hack it and make it better?""


    CMU Mobile Apps Club

    "Had a crazy time coding intensively for 48 hours"

    "uWave is a microwave oven – yes, a real oven – that is attached to an iPad. It plays Youtube videos and tweets when your food is done. Pretty interesting, and is a true just-for-fun hack."