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    Monday - Thursday, September 12-15

    PennApps Crash Courses presents interactive talks to help you pick up stuff you're going to want to use for the hackathon, from Cohort Analysis to CoffeeScript to the Google Prediction API. A separate track is available for first-time web developers, introducing you to the basics of web development and design.

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    In Engineering
    Friday, September 16
    3PM Talk: Building your first backend with Node.JS and Redis. Heilmeier Hall, Towne 100
    4:30PM Talk: Coffeescript for Fun and Profit Heilmeier Hall, Towne 100
    6PM Official Kick-off. 5-minute API and Data-Set tech talks. Heilmeier Hall, Towne 100
    8PM Kick Off! Dinner is served. Good time to brainstorm with some of our guests from the VC and Tech industries. Or get straight to hacking if you know what you want Accenture Cafe (Engineering Cafe)
    Saturday, September 17
    Midnight - 6AM Midnight raffles begin. We pull out two names out of a hat (literally) once an hour. If you're around and awake, you win some of our sponsors awesome Schwag. First Floor Towne
    9:30AM Breakfast, if you're awake. If not, you can always grab some cereal later - it's not going anywhere. Accenture Cafe (Engineering Cafe)
    1PM Lunch Accenture Cafe (Engineering Cafe)
    7PM Dinner. Don't worry, it's not Pizza again. Accenture Cafe (Engineering Cafe)
    Sunday, September 18
    Midnight - 6AM Midnight raffles are back for Day 2! We pull out two names out of a hat (literally) once an hour. If you're around and awake, you win some of our sponsors awesome Schwag. Also available at 6AM - drawing for our biggest, baddest Schwaggy thing. It'll be good. First Floor Towne
    9:30AM Breakfast. Probably just yesterday's cereal, with fresher milk, maybe some bagels. Accenture Cafe (Engineering Cafe)
    Noon Stop hacking, the judges are here! Spend an hour or so with the judges while they walk around and see some of the awesome things you've built. First Floor Towne
    1PM Lunch is served. Probably something reasonably proper, since we've got guests. Accenture Cafe (Engineering Cafe)
    2-3:30PM Demo Session - time to show off what you built to everybody. You'll have about 2 minutes (depending on total number of hacks) to pitch. Wu and Chen Auditorium
    4PM Awards - the judges, having picked winners in record time congratulate the hackers and we take lots of pictures. Wu and Chen Auditorium
    5PM Having barely made it out of Engineering, you stumble home and fall asleep still wearing your clothing and holding your laptop. You will blissfully sleep this way for about 13 hours. Your dorm room
    Monday - Thursday, September 19-22
    Ongoing Student Choice Award ballots are open for the next four days. Consider making a Fan Page for your hack (really). Everywhere!